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Christmas need

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 I am a proud father of 6 with a beautiful wife. construction is at a stand still and  dont have anything to pay my bills with. I am a general contractor and the economy and time of seson has just about wipped me out. i need to make 5000.00 before the 23rd of december

if anyone has any remodeling needs plaease call 559 8248530 or 559 299-2404

    i would like to get my kids something for christmas and if not that be able to pay my pgne and phone bill there going to get shut off if i dont find work


                                  thank you embarraseed to ask,



Kids in need of Christmas

I am dating a wonderful man from Follansbee, WV.  He is a loving father of 5 beautiful children, (in the picture) 16,15,10,9,8.  After paying child support for his children, Michael literally takes home $1.00 an hour for himself.  This leaves him virtually nothing left to buy Christmas presents for his 5 children. 

Without the help of generous people like you I fear these kids will have a very disappointing Christmas morning.  I was able to purchase a Playstation2 and one game.  That is the only present the kids have so far which will have to be shared by all.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated, even stocking stuffers, dollar store presents or Walmart toy dept. it doesn't matter, just as long as the kids have presents to open.   

 If you can find it in your heart to help out this needy family I would be eternally greatful!!!




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